Lynch Receives Altshuler Distinguished Professor Teaching Award

SMU boasts an impressive roster of faculty members across its seven schools. Professors are allowed the flexibility of having tight student connections with small student-to-teacher ratios. However, even with the unique impact teachers have in the classroom, very few have the honor of becoming an Altshuler Distinguished Professor Teaching Award Recipient. The Value In Critical Thinking Dr. Owen Lynch is a familiar name in the CCPA division. He teaches many of the entry courses for CCPA and directs the organizational communications track. Through his teaching style is based on the Socratic method, his goal is to have his students think critically. He argues that it’s even more important when so much information is at your fingertips. Dr. Lynch also showcases his passion for critical analysis in his leadership in the London Abroad program.

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CCPA Stars Come Out to Shine

  ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]   On Tuesday, April 17, the Meadows Museum hosted the SMU Corporate Communication and Public Affairs (CCPA) division’s annual senior awards ceremony and, for the first time, official induction of new CCPA majors. This auspicious night serves as an opportunity for the CCPA faculty to recognize the graduating seniors who have become CCPA stars and made an impact on the Division. These students excelled during their work in classes, mustangconsulting, PRSSA, debate team, and earned a spot in the honors society, Kappa Tau Alpha, among many other accomplishments. CCPA faculty bid farewell to seniors and welcomed new majors, a fresh batch of students eager to begin their journey through the halls of Umphrey Lee. Founders of the new CCPA Young Alumni Advisory Board were present to lend their support to new majors and soon-to-be grads alike.

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CCPA Awards Tonight

The end of an academic year means a time for awards, and CCPA is no different. Except, the great talent and exceptional abilities of CCPA students make it difficult to choose just one winner in each category. Ask the faculty and advisors who ponder, collaborate and choose those to be awarded. Tomorrow night all is revealed. Tuesday, April 17 at the Meadows Museum the new CCPA Majors will be welcomed, the graduating seniors will be acknowledged and the Outstanding CCPA students awarded. It’s a night of joy, accomplishment and some bittersweet tears as we begin our goodbyes to this senior class. Remembering those CCPA Stars from years past, we note the awardees below. Photos from these past awards ceremonies can be seen at

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Internship (Paid): KCK2 Public Relations – graduating seniors are eligible

Public Relations Post-Graduate Internship / Summer 2018 Opportunity to work with recent CCPA alumni Sara Jendrusch... Job Description HCK2 is looking for a Public Relations Intern looking to join an agency and who seeks to live out shared core values of integrity, growth, charity and balance every day. The ideal candidate will possess a solid understanding of reporter motivation, enjoy writing content for social/media/influencers, and take pride in brainstorming creative ideas for B2B and B2C accounts. If you have a growing portfolio in these areas and also like the idea of working above a bar, please email [email protected] This internship is a post-graduate opportunity only. Seniors interested a potential full-time opportunity following the internship are encouraged to apply. Compensation Paid hourly, $10-12 per hour About HCK2 Partners HCK2 is a full-service, marketing communications agency specializing in creative, interactive, PR and social media for a diverse set of clients, most of which are headquartered in Texas. Previous clients include 7-Eleven, Trend Micro, Norma’s Café, Girl Scouts, Main Event, and more. More information is available online at

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Recent CCPA Graduates

Choosing Corporate Communication and Public Affairs establishes the direction and provides the footing for a student’s professional career. For December CCPA graduates, the pathway now leads to opportunity. December CCPA graduates are pursuing illustrious plans. They include graduate school, internships and solid starting blocks in organizations that are real resume-builders – like Olivia McGeehan, an intern for The Richards Group. Or Shannon Hale, a junior coordinator at Shelter Public Relations in Los Angeles.

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