The Future of Public Relations and AI

by Alex Twiss Public relations is evolving into an industry driven by data. With so much data, artificial intelligence (AI) plays an inevitable part in sifting through it all. Though the future of public relations will include AI, Jon Iwata, in his interview with PRSA, provided a wise warning to proceed ethically and with caution. He stated that “AI should be a partner, not a leader, to PR practitioners.”

CCPA Stars Come Out to Shine

  ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]   On Tuesday, April 17, the Meadows Museum hosted the SMU Corporate Communication and Public Affairs (CCPA) division’s annual senior awards ceremony and, for the first time, official induction of new CCPA majors. This auspicious night serves as an opportunity for the CCPA faculty to recognize the graduating seniors who have become CCPA stars and made an impact on the Division. These students excelled during their work in classes, mustangconsulting, PRSSA, debate team, and earned a spot in the honors society, Kappa Tau Alpha, among many other accomplishments. The CCPA Stars come out to shine. CCPA faculty bid farewell to seniors and welcomed new majors, a fresh batch of students eager to begin their journey through the halls of Umphrey Lee. Founders of the new CCPA Young Alumni Advisory Board were present to lend their support to new majors and soon-to-be grads alike.

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CCPA Awards Tonight

The end of an academic year means a time for awards, and CCPA is no different. Except, the great talent and exceptional abilities of CCPA students make it difficult to choose just one winner in each category. Ask the faculty and advisors who ponder, collaborate and choose those to be awarded. Tomorrow night all is revealed. Tuesday, April 17 at the Meadows Museum the new CCPA Majors will be welcomed, the graduating seniors will be acknowledged and the Outstanding CCPA students awarded. It’s a night of joy, accomplishment and some bittersweet tears as we begin our goodbyes to this senior class. Remembering those CCPA Stars from years past, we note the awardees below. Photos from these past awards ceremonies can be seen at

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Want to Know Your Customers? Observe Them.

When it comes to digital, Steve Lee is the professor to professionals. As the featured speaker at the March 6 PRSA Dallas Members Breakfast, Steve demonstrated how psychographic insights allow customers to self-identify and provide businesses the opportunity to know their customers and go where they are.

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