CCPA Stars Come Out to Shine

  ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]   On Tuesday, April 17, the Meadows Museum hosted the SMU Corporate Communication and Public Affairs (CCPA) division’s annual senior awards ceremony and, for the first time, official induction of new CCPA majors. This auspicious night serves as an opportunity for the CCPA faculty to recognize the graduating seniors who have become CCPA stars and made an impact on the Division. These students excelled during their work in classes, mustangconsulting, PRSSA, debate team, and earned a spot in the honors society, Kappa Tau Alpha, among many other accomplishments. The CCPA Stars come out to shine. CCPA faculty bid farewell to seniors and welcomed new majors, a fresh batch of students eager to begin their journey through the halls of Umphrey Lee. Founders of the new CCPA Young Alumni Advisory Board were present to lend their support to new majors and soon-to-be grads alike.

Recent CCPA Graduates

Choosing Corporate Communication and Public Affairs establishes the direction and provides the footing for a student’s professional career. For December CCPA graduates, the pathway now leads to opportunity. December CCPA graduates are pursuing illustrious plans. They include graduate school, internships and solid starting blocks in organizations that are real resume-builders – like Olivia McGeehan, an intern for The Richards Group. Or Shannon Hale, a junior coordinator at Shelter Public Relations in Los Angeles.

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Take a Look at SMU Look, SMU’s New Fashion Magazine with Editor-in-Chief Sam Klaassen

SMU Look, SMU’s fashion magazine is in its second year of publication and Editor-in-Chief Sam Klaassen is excited to see where the fashion and beauty publication is headed. SMU Look, SMU’s New Fashion Magazine SMU Look is a student-led publication focusing on fashion and beauty. Additional sections are dedicated to home, culture and food. Despite being in circulation for only a little over a year, SMU’s new fashion magazine is a finalist for the Magazine Pacemaker Award from the Associated Collegiate Press. Its target audience is the SMU student body, alumni and the general public. It often features fashion-savvy students, Dallas events and fashionable ensembles at SMU events — such as the campus’ signature pre-football game “Boulevard.” “The Style File” is a section featuring SMU alumni interviews. “A lot of other colleges have fashion magazines, and it was almost kind of strange that SMU didn’t,” said Sam Klaassen, editor-in-chief of SMU Look. “So we started SMU Look.”

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