Miserable sneezing, Avoid the Campus Crud

It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold in Dallas, sniffling, hacking, sneezing and congestion can be heard almost every day. The SMU campus is a petri dish of germs emanating from thousands of students, faculty and staff.

You can lessen, or avoid the campus crud entirely with a few simple precautions.

General Health

Maintaining good general health can boost your body’s immune systems so you can fight off illness before it takes hold. So eat well and regularly and rest and sleep. Exercise, even moderately, can help improve health.

Don’t smoke, drink caffeine and sugary drinks in moderation, and drink lots of water. Limit alcohol consumption. Avoid junk food.

When you feel tired and rundown, find a way to relax, even if for just 15 minutes.

Take vitamins every day. With your erratic eating and sleeping habits, you need all the defense you can muster. Add extra Vitamin C and D to your daily regimen. Vitamin B sometimes helps with fatigue.

One of the best defenses is a flu shot. Just ask your regular doctor first. Check what the Health Center has to say about flu prevention.


Your germs find their way to your hands quickly. So every time you touch something you’re leaving your germs behind. But, you’re also visiting a place where scores of others have touched, so you are picking up their germs too.

Door knobs, staircase rails, restroom door handles, desks, chairs, almost any surface on campus.

hand sanitizer


Your good health begins with hand sanitizer. Always keep one in your pocket or purse and use it often.

You can’t avoid touching everything, so form the habit of using your hand sanitizer often and at times you can easily remember. The start of every class, after each visit to the restroom, after you purchase food or drink from machines or places on campus, after you greet people, well, you get the idea. Every time you could have picked up a germ is a good time to clean your hands.

Face, Nose and Mouth

You routinely put your hands near your face and unknowingly transfer germs to your nose and mouth. Once a germ gets in our systems, it’s too late.

So keep your hands clean and wash your face as often as you can. Regularly wash your hair.


The campus crud is not limited to colds and flu, allergies can feel just as bad. Allergies spring from pollen, dander, dust, trees, plants, mold, and many other things that travel through our air. Allergies may feel and look like the worst campus crud, but they can quickly grow into serious respiratory illnesses.

You can’t stop breathing

Pollen causes sneezing

Local Honey

A simple means to help inoculate yourself against allergens is to trust the honey bees. Bees collect pollen from plants for the manufacturer of honey. So the honey contains a lot of the local contaminates that can cause allergies.

honey bees on the comb

By ingesting a small dose of locally produced honey you will build an immunity to local pollens and other allergens. Just a couple of teaspoons a day, say in your morning coffee or tea, is all it takes. And it tastes great.

Make sure the honey you buy is produced using local honey bees. Much of our store-bought honey comes from Brazil, so read the label and look for honey produced in Texas or better, North Texas.

The Too Simple Truth to Avoid the Campus Crud

We know. You’re students. You will miss sleep, take on stress, eat poorly or not at all, congregate in spaces with hundreds of thousands of people, forget to exercise and run yourself down. Your brain thinks you’re invincible, but your body knows better. Campus crud be damned.

Just do a few of the things mentioned in this article to help avoid the campus crud. It doesn’t hurt and can keep you from a miserable crash and burn.