Thursday 9/19/19 is the day when Apple’s new IOS 13 will become available to the public. Yay! But wait! Are you ready to update? Let’s walk through a few steps to make this update easier and safer.

Steps Before You Update

On your iPhone, open the Settings app, click General and then Software Update and make sure Automatic Updates is turned off. Don’t panic, even if this is turned on it usually takes a day or two after the new IOS launches before your auto-update will occur.

  1. (Before Thursday) Update your phone’s IOS and all apps
    – On your phone, open the Settings app, click General and then Software Update and update to the latest IOS (should be version 12.4.1) before Thursday. If it says you are updating to IOS 13, no worries, just stop and continue the following steps first
    – Now, open the App Store app on your phone and update all your apps to their latest versions
  2. Delete all unused apps and old photos
    – Creating more space on your phone will make the update process quicker
    – There a few apps you should consider deleting because of their security or battery draining issues. Facebook and Angry Birds are the top of the list.
  3. Back it up
    – With your phone connected to your computer, open iTunes and back up your phone
    – If you have an iCloud account, back up your phone to the cloud first
    – Then, back up your phone to your computer (local) and click on encryption
    – With encryption turned on, your local backup will include passwords so you don’t have to remember them when you start using your phone again
  4. Charge it up
    – Fully charge your phone
  5. Update (on or after Thursday)
    – Be patient. Let the update run its full course. Keep your phone plugged into its charger
    – Updating to iOS 13 can take 15 minutes to more than an hour. Just wait.
  6. Enjoy all the new features – dark mode, sliding keyboard, photo and video editing tools, better security, Sign In with Apple, new Siri voice and much more

Here is CNET’s step-by-step preparation story:

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Explore and enjoy your like-new iPhone.