Peace of mind when things go wrong.

There is nothing worse than hearing a phone or laptop crash to the floor. You stop breathing, your heart skips a beat and everyone around stops and looks to see who it was that just had such terrible luck.

You can take most of the pain out of this moment by protecting your precious devices with hard cases and keyboard covers.

Phone Cases

Your choice here is usually beauty or function. Please choose function – a nice case that is durable enough to take the drops and still look good.

Look for hard plastic, silicone or rubber cases that wrap around the edges of your phone. That wraparound feature, called bumpers will protect your phone when you drop it on its sides, top or bottom.

If you are really prone to the dropsies, search for a heavy-duty phone case. There are usually metal or armored plastic or silicone. Not much more expensive than other cases and the new heavy-duty models are stylish.

Pair your sturdy phone case with a screen protector (some cases come with screen protectors). These cover your phone’s glass screen should you hit it directly on something or drop it on another object

Laptop Protection

Your laptop needs the same love as your phone, and even more so since it is heavier and bulkier.

Look for a full cover, protecting both the top, or screen portion of your laptop and the bottom, or keyboard section. Available from clear to colors or patterns, these covers usually just snap into place.

Keyboard covers are just as important. No one wants a latte or a bottle of water to spill into our keyboard. That usually totals your laptop, requiring expensive repairs or replacement.

Now, we know what you’re saying. “I tried a keyboard cover and it felt weird, and made it hard to type.” Look for an ultra-thin cover like the CaseBuy Ultra Thin Clear Keyboard Skin.

Try it out and give it a few days before you give up. Trust us, it will work for you.

Laptop Malware Protection

Now that the outside of your laptop is covered, let protect the inside. While Macs are far less susceptible to incidents of malware infection, they are not immune.

Our choices are MalwareBytes (, which is Apple’s favorite, and BitDefender ( Both do pretty much the same thing, ward off infections in real-time, while you’re working or idle.

Both MalwareBytes and BitDefender are available for Mac or PC, and IOS or Android mobile devices.

Except for the software, all of the products mentioned here can be purchased at