Spring Break is upon us and that means travel for many CCPA students. And that travel makes your laptops and phones susceptible to more drops, bumps, and spills than normal.

Laptops: Cover It

Don’t think for a minute that your laptop can handle many drops. It can’t. Even the shortest drops can shatter screens, jar internal components, break keyboards or dent your laptop.

The solution is simple, a hard case.

Laptop hard case cover

Look for a hard plastic case that covers the top and bottom of your laptop completely. It’s important that the case protect the corners, and the top and bottom of your computer. Drops on your laptop’s corners can cause the most damage.

Search Amazon for a hard case specifically for your brand of laptop and trust the customer rankings. Let other users tell you how good or bad the case is for them.

Here is the type of hard case I prefer. Hard plastic, corners well protected. Use this as an example of adequate protection against drops.

Expect to spend $15-25.

laptop keyboard cover


One small spill of any liquid can ruin your laptop in an instant. With today’s sealed case laptops, there is no guarantee that your computer will survive.

A plastic keyboard cover is a quick solution, but many students complain that the cover makes typing difficult. I went through four keyboard covers before finding one that was thin enough that it doesn’t slow my typing. Look for something like this.

Expect to spend $6-15.

hard plastic iphone covers


Cases for your phone should follow the same example outlined for your laptop. Hard plastic, rubber or silicone, that protects the corners of your phone.

Here’s a good example.

The final step in phone protection is a screen protector. Here you should choose a thin plastic sheet that adheres to your phone’s screen.

Industrial Protection

You probably don’t need a high-end industrial case for your laptop or phone. But if you think you do, shop for OtterBox. They make the best military-grade cases.

These super cases look like normal cases but are thicker and provide more protecting in the event of a bad drop. They are more expensive than regular cases, but worth it.

Here’s an example.

A busted laptop or phone is more than a financial loss, it’s trauma. Lost data, days for repair or replacement, and a horrible feeling of disconnection. Avoid it with just a few simple purchases and enjoy the peace of mind.