International tensions of late have triggered a wild increase in the number and kind of cyberattacks across the U.S. Web sites, social media sites, organizational systems and computer networks are all seeing more threat activities. But we can’t forget the simplest devices which are often the most susceptible to attacks — our laptops, phones and tablets. Protect yourself with wireless safety.

Danger Will Robinson!

One of the most dangerous threats we face are insecure wireless networks. Any public wireless network that does not require a password is considered insecure. They are everywhere, airports, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and a myriad of other public locations. It’s so easy, sit down, access a free network and off you go.

Problem is, cyber hackers know how vulnerable your devices are and take advantage.

The Answer, a VPN

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network is the best way to protect yourself.


A VPN is a system that connects your devices to a private network while on a public network. For your devices, it’s a small piece of software that tricks snoopers into thinking your device is somewhere else. I usually choose Edinburgh, Scotland or Liverpool, England.

You can find numerous VPN apps on Apple’s App Store, some are free but most cost. My favorite is ExpressVPN, rated #1 in 2020 by TechRadar. It’s fast and easy to use. ExpressVPN costs between $7 and $12 a month. A close second is VPN Unlimited. It’s $10 a month after the free trial.

So, next time you’re tempted to hop onto an insecure wireless network, don’t! With just a click activate your VPN and stay safe.