April 1st is typically a day filled with pranks, jokes, tricks, and laughter. This year, April 1st has fallen during a weird time in our world. However, that does not mean that we are not allowed to laugh and joke from home! We believe that there are two types of people on April Fools: those who love to prank and those who prefer to simply laugh. So today, we are celebrating April 1st with some #relateable working from home memes, videos, and pictures. We are also sharing a few ideas for those of you who still wish to pull a prank or two inside your home.

A Few Laughs For April Fools

Working from home is becoming a relateable and laughable matter. This comedian sheds some humor on the situation:

An important reminder as we all work from home.

And a few TV shows seem to be all too relatable to our current situation.

Some people have joked that their three month trial of 2020 is up… 2020’s response:

A Few Pranks To Pull At Home

  • Switch out pictures. A simple, but effective prank to lighten the mood at home. Print out funny pictures of family members, pictures of your favorite celebrities, pictures of dogs, or anything at all! Use these images to replace framed family pictures around the house for the day, then wait to see how long it takes for your family to notice.
  • Send a gif of typing dots: While social distancing and in quarantine, text your friends and family members the notorious gif of typing dots. They will be waiting on a text that will never arrive! Make sure you actually check in with them and give them a call after pulling this prank.
  • Sign your friends up for an obscure mailing list: This is always funny and harmless!
  • Food pranks: Many popular at-home pranks include putting vanilla yogurt in the mayonnaise jar and proceeding to eat it by the spoonful to the horror of your family members, mixing up cereal and putting it into the wrong box, putting food coloring in milk, or hard-boiling a couple of eggs and then putting them back in the carton for an unwelcome breakfast surprise.

Stay safe, stay home, and stay optimistic!