About Alex Brody

Alex was born in Dallas, Texas. He is a senior at Southern Methodist University. He is double majoring in Sports Management and Public Relations with a minor in History. He is passionate about movies, music and sports.

Internship: Public Relations Intern for APC Collective

Describe Internship:

A P C  C O L L E C T I V E,  I N C.  is Interested in making a difference and building meaningful client and community impact? APC Collective is for you. This is real work for real clients. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the ever-evolving world of communications and community engagement while working alongside professionals who are passionate about the work, collaborating with teammates, and having fun on a daily basis. APC’s internship program is typically a semester but is also customizable depending on needs and schedules. The program will equip you with the skills necessary to prosper in the PR industry along with excellent referrals to a wide variety of brands and agencies. We are seeking individuals who are driven, creative, organized, detailed, trustworthy, hard-working, and interested in collaborating with great minds

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Spooky Specters and Ghastly Ghouls Pt. 2

We are back again, with more spooky specters and ghastly ghouls just in time for the Halloween season! Here are more haunted locations that you can visit in North Texas.

The Hotel Lawrence

Now the La Quinta Inn & Suites, the Hotel Lawrence is home to many restless and spooky spirits. Constructed in 1925, the hotel has been a Dallas staple. While hauntings are reported all around the hotel including the lobby and second floor, the most haunted area is the 10th floor of the hotel and specifically Room 1009. In 1947, Jack “Smalley” Jackson was murdered in the room. Another spirit that haunts the room is known as “Mr. Brookshire.” The numerous supernatural reports from the room include

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What Happened Last Night?: A Guide to Your 21st Birthday Celebration

What Happened Last Night?: Your Guide to Your 21st Celebration --- Hangover

The one question you don’t want to answer after your 21st birthday: what happened last night? The key to having a great 21st birthday is not just to have the most fun possible, but to also remember it. That means you need a great plan. Luckily for you, we have already created a plan for your 21st birthday so you don’t have to!

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Internship: Fall Intern for Brynn Bagot


Assist with the creation and distribution of news releases, press kits, media invitations, and other required media materials.

Assist with special event management and coordination of client events.

Manage social media outreach for clients and events.

On-site coordination during client events and assistance with media relations.

Participate in the creation of collateral materials (brochures, direct mail, e-blasts, etc.) and Web site content/design.

Learn about the daily operations of working in an agency and general account service.


Communications, marketing, and public relations majors only.

Minimum of 15 hours per week – schedule is flexible based on class schedules and projects.

This is a paid internship, however, candidates may also be

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Job: Steamatic LLC

Job Description:

Create and Manage Email and Direct Marketing Campaigns.

Write articles, press releases, website, and digital content under the direction of graphic designer

Monitor social media analytics and produce scheduled, consistent reports

Assist in the development of content implementation strategy

Research and analyze advances, trends, and statistics in the digital marketing space

Ensure creativity, innovation, and execution in the digital asset creation for the digital marketing space

Assist the graphic designer in ensuring the brand is represented consistently across all touchpoints and support the evolution of brand guidelines for the digital experience

Organization Name:
Steamatic LLC


Street Address: 6688 N Central Expy Suite 200
City: Dallas
State: TX

Walker Sosa

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