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TikTok: What Is It and Why Is It So Popular?

Students have recently added a new app to their daily time spent on their phones. Similar to Vine, which is no longer, TikTok allows users to upload 15-second videos of anything they desire. Many people are asking why is TikTok all the craze right now. What are adults saying about the app? Is it going away or here to stay? Our findings are explained below.

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Best Apps According to Students

Apps: How to Choose the Right Ones for You

It seems like an app exists for everything these days. Can’t remember if you locked your car? There’s now an app for that. Want to keep track of how much water you have had today? There’s an app for that too. Amidst the plethora of apps, it can be difficult to find the best apps that actually help your quality of life and increase your productivity. We set out to ask students which apps work best for them and which ones they use on a daily basis. Below is the list of results.

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Pet Lovers: How to Surround Yourself with Pets Until You Can Own a Pet of Your Own

You left your pets back in your hometown in order to attend SMU. Despite your family's visits to Dallas, you are still left missing the family member you love most: your furry friend back home. We are sorry to say that we cannot send Fido, Bear, or Princess on a plane to visit you. However, we can point you in the direction of furry friends here in Dallas until your next visit home.

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