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A Season of Renewal, Joyous Easter

From Sandra Duhé, Chair SMU CCPA

Dr. Sandra Duhe

Peace, joy, grace, and hope are my wishes for each of you this Easter season.

We eagerly anticipate a fall that’s “back to normal,” but it will be different because we are different. We’ve navigated a pandemic, social strife, and winter storms – each at a scale none of us could have anticipated

But, we made it. We’re here. And the world needs us.

Look back at where we’ve been, reflect on what we’ve learned, and apply what’s worth keeping to our shared path ahead.

Indulge in family, friends, and your favorite treats. Take a nap. Get outside. Recharge. 

Enjoy this

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We’re Still Standing, Peace

Despite the odds, we’re seeing our way through a semester on campus and online. It hasn’t been easy, but we’ve been blessed along the way. A caring faculty. Students looking out for each other. Laughter, grace, and understanding when the inevitable technical glitch arises.

Happy Thanksgiving from Sandra Duhe, CCPA

I wish each of you a peaceful holiday season. Peace may be harder to find this year, but claim it. And, hold on to it, even for brief moments, before you return to the hustle and bustle of family and finals. A little bit of peace goes a long way. Find it each day.

I’m exceedingly thankful for each of you and the CCPA community we share. Thank you for hanging in

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OK CCPA, It’s Time

SMU CCPA Chair, Dr. Sandra Duhé

Greetings, CCPA!

Welcome back from an odd, but I hope enjoyable, summer. Hard to believe it’s been five months since we were last together in person.

It’s time for us to get back to college life. We’ll be glad we did once we get rolling. If you’re hesitant about making the shift back to campus or classes, you’re not alone. Believe me.

If we return expecting things to be “back to normal,” we’re going to be frustrated. Things are going to be (really) different this semester. The best-laid plans still have uncertainties. We won’t know how things will go until, well, we start going.

Our Mindset

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Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring

Holiday and spring greetings to our CCPA family!

The resiliency of our students, staff, and faculty continues to amaze me. We are seeing our way through the era of COVID-19. We are bound by our shared interest in communicating for the greater good. We’re also bound in how we care for each other. That’s one of the many things that makes CCPA special.

This is a season of grace, on many levels. Practice grace with yourselves. Be ok with moving at a slower pace than you normally do. Practice grace with others. Find ways to help, support, and encourage.

We will get through this, and, when we do, communicators will be in high

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