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411: Device Security

entering the passcode on an Apple iPhone

That phone in your hand is your lifeline to your family and friends, your reminders, and is your vital entertainment source. In an earlier 411 story, we talked about how to physically protect your devices. Today we’re talking device security. For simplification, we’re only focused on the iPhone today.

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411 – Avoid the Campus Crud

Miserable sneezing, Avoid the Campus Crud

It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold in Dallas, sniffling, hacking, sneezing and congestion can be heard almost every day. The SMU campus is a petri dish of germs emanating from thousands of students, faculty and staff.

You can lessen, or avoid the campus crud entirely with a few simple precautions.

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411: Preparing for the New iPhone IOS 13

Thursday 9/19/19 is the day when Apple’s new IOS 13 will become available to the public. Yay! But wait! Are you ready to update? Let’s walk through a few steps to make this update easier and safer.

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411- Protect It

Peace of mind when things go wrong.

There is nothing worse than hearing a phone or laptop crash to the floor. You stop breathing, your heart skips a beat and everyone around stops and looks to see who it was that just had such terrible luck.

You can take most of the pain out of this moment by protecting your precious devices with hard cases and keyboard covers.

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