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Internship: Intern for SMU Tower Center

The Tower Center is accepting applications for the Tower Center Research Scholarships and Internships until March 1, 2022

Our research fellowships are open to current sophomores and juniors who, if selected, will carry out research in the field of public policy & international affairs during the 2022-2023/24 academic year(s). The research project can be an ongoing project with a faculty member or a project that is proposed by the student. Either way, the student will require an SMU faculty mentor.

The Tower Center internships are for undergraduate students who want to pursue internships in public policy & international affairs in Washington, D.C. for summer 2022. Congressional internships do not qualify for these internship awards.  

Click the link above for more information and how to apply for the internship.

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Internship: Intern for Banneky.com

Banneky is an online learning platform based out of Dallas, TX. Founded by Eric Molett in 2020, Banneky is the only virtual learning world that delivers a safe and empowering space for curious students to connect their passions to future careers, create and view uplifting content, and be celebrated for their individuality. What makes Banneky unique comes from the fact that it leans into students’ passions to make learning fun while helping users be connected to like-minded students in a safe manner. This ensures creativity in a way that has the same energy and imagery as the video games and social media they know and love. Bannecky is partnered with Microsoft, leading gamers, influencers, and YouTubers.


  • Familiar with gaming, entertainment, arts and content creation
  • Understands the teenage demographic currently
  • Do not have to be tech
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Where to Take Your Family to Eat This Weekend

Our top picks for restaurants to eat at with your family this weekend

Family weekend is upon us, and with that comes seeing your loved ones, showing them around campus, and finding the perfect restaurant to take them to. Well, look no further – here are our top picks for restaurants to eat at with your family this weekend. 

1: Banditos

Where to eat with your family this weekend
Photo Credit: Dallasites101

Bandito’s is the perfect place to show your family a taste of what Texas has to offer. It’s within walking distance of campus, and its wide selection of menu options means there’s something for everyone to love. Plus, its fun atmosphere and Austin-style Tex Mex make

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Remembering 911

September 2001 CCPA led a group of students, alumni, faculty, friends, and family to create a memorial of the events of September 11, 2001. The group placed an American flag on the Meadows Museum lawn to commemorate each of the 2,977 lives lost on that tragic day.

On this 20 year anniversary please take a moment to reflect on the events of 911 and how it changed so many.

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Internships: SMU Dallas Social Media Junior Intern for SMU

SMU Dallas Social Media Junior Intern This position reports to the Social Media Manager and is responsible for assisting in creating short-form content for SMU Dallas on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. The Intern will focus on telling stories of student experiences in a way that grows our audience and deepens meaningful engagement. The ideal candidate is someone who has short-form video editing experience for TikTok, Reels, or Shorts and has demonstrated experience writing fun, engaging copy. They should be a self-starter who can execute on ideas from start to finish. The position is available to start immediately and will last through May 2022 with an option to continue next summer. Soft skills:

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