Binge Bake and Buy While Stuck at Home

During these past few months of quarantine, students have tried various ways to stay entertained and pass the time. We asked you what shows and movies you have been binging, what foods you have been baking, and what you have been buying. Here’s what some of our CCPA students have been binging, baking, and buying.

Binge: Endless TV Shows and Movies

With Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Disney+, and many more, the options are truly endless for shows and movies. Suddenly having a lot more downtime some students found themselves searching for new shows and movies while others found themselves rewatching their favorites. Some new shows CCPA students are bingeing included:

• Tiger King,
• Ozark, and
• Dead to Me.

Lots of students also rewatched some of their favorites like Friends, The Office, and Grey’s Anatomy.

To Bake or Not to Bake?

At the beginning of the quarantine, lots of people were interested in eating and baking new and fun recipes. It seemed like each week of quarantine brought a new recipe to try. Baking banana bread, brownies, and desserts galore appeared to be a classic choice. Eventually, the “quarantine 15” became a reality and some transitioned to learning how to cook healthier alternatives.

As a result, this healthy alternative transition inspired CCPA alumni Kaya Reingold to start a food blog with her sister. Some of her favorite recipes include gluten and dairy-free Monster Cookies, Cauliflower Crisp Bites, and vegan Cauliflower Mac & Cheese. You can find other creations on her blog Avo a Day.

Buy Buy Buy

Along with binging shows and baking goodies, buying online became even more popular pastime during this quarantine. Purchasing puzzles and games were popular for students to play with roommates and their family members. Online shopping for clothing was also trendy. Most often, students bought athleisure and comfortable clothes for spending more time at home. Other online purchases included work from home supplies such as new desk chairs, printers, blue light glasses. Some students focused on their creative side, buying craft supplies for painting, tie-dye, and drawing.

Whether you spent quarantine binging every new release on Netflix, baking every version of banana bread you could find, or taking advantage of every sale in sight, CCPA students found many ways to pass the time.

What have you been binging, baking, and buying? Tell us in the comments below.