Apply Now – Axia Public Relations Scholarship

Axia Public Relations established the Axia Public Relations Scholarship to assist outstanding college students with financial needs in their pursuit of a public relations career.

The deadline to apply is May 31.

The PRSA Foundation awards Axia’s scholarship to students who:

1. Demonstrate financial need.

2. Demonstrate experience and passion for public relations.

3. Demonstrate a dedication to professional ethics and excellence.

The PRSA Foundation will make payment directly to the winner’s university for use on his or her behalf; payment can only be used to directly fund the winner’s educational pursuits.

Scholarship Requirements:

1. Candidates must be juniors or seniors in good academic standing at accredited colleges or universities.


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Restorative Farms: Combating Food Deserts

Food deserts are a systematic issue around the world, as individuals in impoverished communities lack the resources within their community to have access to healthy and affordable produce. Southern Methodist University professors, Dr. Owen Lynch and Dr. Doric Earle joined forces to find a solution that would increase social equity and social justice through social enterprise. The solution? Restorative Farms. 

The Mission of Restorative Farms is to foster a vibrant and viable community-based urban farm system in South Dallas, TX, a community that most needs fresh food access and employment. Our goal is to create a self-sustaining, professionally-run farm system (what we call an “agrisystem”) to: Grow and sell fresh, local vegetables; build and sell GroBoxes, seedlings, and soil; and provide meaningful jobs as

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All Things Boulevard Consulting at SMU CCPA

Many CCPA majors are fortunate enough to enroll in Boulevard Consulting, one of the division’s most unique offerings. The course has been taught by Kim Commerato for several semesters and we are here to share a bit about the class from her perspective. Read more about Boulevard Consulting below with a special feature from Professor Commerato herself.

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