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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

In recent months, blue light blocking eyewear has grown from trend to necessity. If you spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at a screen you’re already aware of blue light glasses and their supposed benefits. Read on for Pros and Cons.

What do they do?

Blue light glasses filter out much of the blue light emitted from your electronic devices. Their main claims are that they reducing eyestrain, headaches, and difficulty falling asleep. Many of our devices can be set to reduce the use of blue light at night, but may not filter enough.

We’re all told to reduce the usage of our phones, laptops, and TVs before going to bed. That’s because blue light can interfere with your circadian rhythm, making it harder to relax, fall asleep, and stay asleep. Many turn on their iPhone’s night mode setting for the final hours of the day before hitting the hay. Maybe you started noticing that you’re falling asleep a lot quicker, but maybe you haven’t.

Perhaps you finally started looking into other ways to improve sleep patterns or maybe just find a rebuttal to your grandma’s passive-aggressive comments about arthritis of the thumbs and blindness. Thus, you landed on blue light glasses.

Since blue light glasses are still a relatively new trend, there’s not much scientific evidence on their perceived benefits. On the other hand, there’s not much scientific evidence saying they don’t work either. So, are they really worth the try?

In short, it’s up to you. If you spend hours and hours a day on your laptop or phone and find it challenging to get rid of a migraine or settle down, relax and drift off to sleep at the end of the day, it wouldn’t hurt to give them a go. Hundreds of retailers have already started stocking up on their own designs of this trend, and many sunglass retailers have dedicated a page on their sites to this new subtype of eyewear. The glasses can range anywhere from $20 to over $100.

If there’s no good evidence for or against these glasses, it may not be necessary to buy the most expensive, hyped-up-by-social-influencers blue light glasses. Whatever sounds like a reasonable price for this kind of science experiment to you, go for it and add to cart.


Some suggest they are more aware of their screen time while wearing these glasses. We all, and teenagers, especially, know that hours of screen time can’t be that good. Wearing glasses makes you more actively aware that you’re looking at a screen. Looking at the computer or phone becomes more of a conscious task, requiring you to put the glasses on and probably take them off once you’re finished. Screen time gets more of a “starting” and “stopping” point.

This is definitely the opposite for anyone with TikTok downloaded. You open the app to search for one video and find yourself 10 years older by the time you look up again. So, if buying a cute pair of glasses lets you achieve your 2015 hipster fantasies all while acknowledging that you’ve been looking at a screen for however many hours, then maybe blue light glasses are a good idea.

People on the positive end of the spectrum also admit they experience fewer headaches throughout the day and can more easily fall asleep at night. Sounds like a plus if you ask – well – anyone. Many retailers even offer blue light lenses that you can add your usual eyeglass prescription to.


Hmm, Cons… Well, they can be expensive and might be unnecessary? That basically sums up anything negative mentioned about blue light glasses.

The Verdict on Blue Light Glasses

You do you. They’re cute, not too expensive and may help with headaches, eyestrain and the ability to fall asleep. Give them a try, and feel free to report back!

For those of you seriously considering making a purchase, keep on reading for a list of websites selling affordable blue light glasses.
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