Each semester, senior communication majors sign up for a “real world” course: Boulevard Consulting. Led by Kim Commerato, this class becomes the consultancy for a client. These clients range from tech start-ups to health brands, and at the end of the course, the team presents their research and ideas to the client.

The Task At Hand

Boulevard Consulting Presenting to Jemurai
Left to right: Christina Dolle, Karna Small, Hayley Zadel, Grace McMillin, Ashni Pabley, Zach Wilson

The students of Boulevard Consulting, often referred to simply as “Boulevard,” were tasked with improving anything and everything related to public relations, media relations, and branding for Jemurai. This tech start-up provides consulting for other start-ups and created their own security platform, securityprogram.io. By using the platform, the company’s employees can manage their own software security and automate important security tasks.

To accommodate the two branches of Jemurai, the class separated into two teams: Jemurai and Securityprogram.io. Each team was tasked with its own challenges and priorities. To manage the general areas of their work, both teams elected branding representatives to create a cohesive branding kit for Jemurai.

Jemurai encouraged students to create ideas that would help the company attract more clients, drive further sales, increase brand recognition, and result in increased traffic to the website and social media pages.

What The Boulevard Team Accomplished

Boulevard’s Recommended New Logo for Jemurai

The class spent three months learning about the tech industry and researching industry trends and competitors. In addition, they collected feedback from previous Jemurai clients and brainstormed details for campaigns.

In that short time period, the class created multiple resources for Jemurai. For example, the branding team, led by Katie Kearns and Karna Small, proposed a new logo, color scheme, website design, and hashtag for Jemurai. Similarly, the two teams, led by Christina Dolle and Madeline Reynolds, created templates for press releases, social media posts, email pitches, a list of recommended speaking events, a full event plan for a product launch party, and many other helpful items.

Presenting in Downtown Dallas

Boulevard Consulting students present to the Jemurai client.
Left to right: Katie Kearns, Madeline Reynolds, Molly McNulty Chloe Smith, Avery Hinson

After months of preparing, Boulevard students went downtown to present to Jemurai. The team showed their research, proposals, branding recommendations, and budgets to the client.

In the end, the client was thankful for the opportunity to work with Boulevard Consulting. The group provided Jemurai with insights and tangible resources for the client to start using immediately. Boulevard members left the office with pride because they presented their best work and the client was blown away by the presentation.

Moving Forward

Every semester, the Boulevard Consulting class serves a different client. Thanks to the SMU network of alumni, the class’s next client is Sael Wellness. The new team is helping the founder and CEO, Connor Saeli, with the release of a new product line.

Stay tuned for updates about Boulevard Consulting’s activities and success!