Boulevard Consulting Team

While all students triumphed through a huge adjustment this semester, Boulevard Consulting, CCPA’s capstone class, faced particular challenges being online. A class that consists of whiteboard brainstorms, group work, and collaboration, Zoom did not cultivate the same creative energy that Boulevard relies on for success. Nonetheless, this year’s group was able to overcome the difficulties of working remotely and built an impressive campaign for client Connor Saeli. 

Adapt or Fail

Halfway through the semester, Boulevard Consulting Professor Kim Commerato had to quickly rework a class that depends on in-person interaction to be online. Her favorite class of the semester, an intensive brainstorming session with multiple whiteboards, candy, and Play-Doh, was hard to recreate virtually. However, the class still was able to come up with exciting strategies and tactics for Sael Wellness, Connor Saeli’s wellness company.


The class was split into two teams; one focused on establishing Saeli as a thought leader in the wellness space and the other focused on the product, nutritional gummies they sell. The individual teams also had hoops to jump through not being able to meet in person. Coordinating different time zones and schedules and communicating assignments and tasks become more complex. However, the class worked hard to prevail and their diligence paid off with strong deliverables: a full campaign and a client presentation deck that made Boulevard and Professor Commerato very proud. 

Any Questions?

The most interesting pivot, however, was organizing a seamless final client presentation through Zoom. With Saeli and a member of his team, CCPA faculty, and members of the CCPA Advisory Board in attendance, Boulevard had to ensure they could generate a cohesive presentation and establish a connection with the audience despite not being able to see many of their faces. The presentation sparked many questions from Saeli who seemed inspired and pleased with Boulevard’s work. Despite the odds, a class that was seemingly impossible to pull off virtually accomplished great feats and showed the CCPA community that almost anything can be accomplished with Zoom and persistence.

Congratulations, Boulevard Consulting!