411: Brighten Your Photos with Lightroom Presets

by Karna Small

Be it for work or school you will find yourself repeatedly looking for a bright, colorful photo. But most photos are either a bit dark and flat or overexposed and slightly washed out. You need color and brightness. Adobe Lightroom presets will do the trick and save you lots of time.

Lightroom mobile presets are user friendly and instantly create consistency across your digital content. This post walks you through what a preset is, how to get one, and why they help your personal and/or professional brand’s public image.

COVID Guidelines You Need To Know

Want all COVID-19 guidelines from SMU, Dallas County, the State of Texas, and the CDC in one place? Look no further, and read on!

411: Wireless Safety

International tensions of late have triggered a wild increase in the number and kind of cyberattacks across the U.S. Web sites, social media sites, organizational systems and computer networks are all seeing more threat activities. But we can’t forget the simplest devices which are often the most susceptible to attacks — our laptops, phones and tablets. Protect yourself with wireless safety.

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411: Device Security

entering the passcode on an Apple iPhone

That phone in your hand is your lifeline to your family and friends, your reminders, and is your vital entertainment source. In an earlier 411 story, we talked about how to physically protect your devices. Today we’re talking device security. For simplification, we’re only focused on the iPhone today.

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