Internship: talkSTEM Seeks Summer Intern

Description talkSTEM ( is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that is focused on innovative STEM pedagogy and teacher development in all settings including prek-16 classrooms, out of school, and online. The intern who fills this position will play a very active and hands-on role in helping the organization with its public relations and marketing outreach.  At the end of this internship, students will be ready to enter any fast-paced public relations firm with excellent skills. It’s essential that applicants to this position have excellent communication skills, strong writing ability, demonstrate creativity, and understand the importance of attending to even the smallest details.  This person must be a self-starter, a critical thinker and have a can-do, roll-up-your-sleeves attitude.

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Best Places to Celebrate a 21st Birthday in Dallas

A 21st birthday is something to be celebrated in style. You only turn 21 once, so the pressure is on to make sure you do it right. While some want to enjoy their 21st with a casual, festive evening surrounded by friends, others want to gear up for a big night on the town. Whatever your birthday wishes may be, Sarah Blaskovich, food, drink and entertainment writer for GuideLive Dallas, has a spot for you. Keep reading for the best places to celebrate your 21st near any Dallas neighborhood.

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Egg-citing News!

Here at CCPA, we always have cause for celebration! So to kick off your holiday weekend, we are planning an egg-cellent treat for you. You're probably thinking, "For peep's sake, what are the CCPA Fellows up to this time around?" But we aren't going to share so easily!  If you are still a bit scrambled by this news, don't worry, here are some hints: When you are hopping around Umphrey Lee on Thursday morning keep your eyes out for suspicious egg-shaped creatures. Some may be filled with assortments of candies, while others may hold prizes more valuable! But don't worry, be hoppy because there will be plenty for everyone. Okay, we will stop yolking around because you, my friends have some eggs to find!

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