Meet The Summer CCPA Fellows

CCPA Fellows Summer 2020

Were you surprised to get CCPA emails during the summer? For the first time, SMU CCPA has summer Fellows, who have been busy writing blog posts, social media pushes, and takeovers and keeping you up on all things CCPA. Just because we aren’t together on campus hasn’t stopped us from connecting our CCPA students, alumni, and faculty. Today we will take you behind the scenes to meet our communication team.

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Online Certifications to Get From Home

Stuck at home? Why not make the most of your time. Try taking some online courses this summer! Lots of organizations are offering online certifications and now is the perfect time to take advantage of these. These certifications make a great addition to your LinkedIn and resumé. Here are some available resources to check out.

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Look Your Best On Zoom: 5 Tips and Tricks

How to Put Your Best Foot Forward on Your Next Zoom Call

Look your best on Zoom

In today’s world, it’s likely that you will have a virtual internship or job interview. Even though you’re working from home it is important to treat this like you are meeting in person. First impressions are important, as are seconds and thirds. Here are 5 tips and tricks to help you to look your best on Zoom.

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Get Your Daily News With These 5-Minute Reads

We are inundated with news every hour of every day. Sorting through the pandemic and political info to find the latest business and technology information has become tiring. Here we offer 5-minute reads from four free emails to help you stay on top of the current news and events.

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