Boulevard Consulting: Where SMU Students Put On Their Business Suits

Jemurai's founder and CEO, Matt Konda, and product manager, Keely Caldwell, encouraged students to create ideas that would help the company attract more clients, drive further sales, increase brand recognition, and result in increased traffic to the website and social media pages.

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The Evening News: Networking Edition

Wishing everyone a wonderful last week of September!  Students, if the job and internship search has snuck up on you, here are some events you can attend to get some networking in before the end of the month. Recent graduates and CCPA alumni, these are great for you to find new talent for your organizations or new opportunities for yourself! Scroll down to find this week’s DFW event that fits your career interests the most. 

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Crisis Management Class Participates in Toyota Competition

Class Helps Toyota With Airbag Recall

by Karna Small

“And we thought all we were getting were swag bags,” says recent alumna Liza Buss. Dr. Eaddy announced that her crisis management class would be partnering with Toyota for the semester. However, no student imagined becoming $1,000 richer in the process.

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