Binge, Bake, or Buy. What are You Doing in Quarantine?

These past few months in quarantine have driven us to find new ways to stay busy and entertained. What have you been doing while in quarantine? Tell us what you binge, bake, or buy.

We want to know more about what shows & movies you’ve been binging, what types of food you are baking (feel free to include a recipe), and what you were buying! Binge, bake, and buy. It’s research for an upcoming blog story.

Send your binge, bake, or buy activities to

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Deadline Tomorrow for AT&T’s Summer Learning Academy

Registration for AT&T Summer Learning Academy is open now through June 12.

Registration for the free, online, self-paced AT&T Summer Learning Academy is due tomorrow, Friday, June 12, 2020. This online learning certificate program is tailored toward college students looking for something to pass the time over the summer – all while adding useful skills to their resumés. You can register here.

411: Back it Up to be Safe

Tips, Tricks, Tools & Techniques

We all depend on our cherished devices, especially our Mac laptops and iPhones. So if something bad happens to them, we scream an anguished cry. And, as you would expect, it always happens at the worst possible times.

Try these fairly simple and affordable tips and your cry of anguish will be a bit less anguished and things will get back to normal much quicker.

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