Trader Joe’s Seasonal Fall Products to Try

While the temps may still be high in Dallas, Trader Joes has officially rolled out its line of seasonal fall products. Every year they go above and beyond with their seasonal offerings and this year there are more than ever before. From pumpkin ice cream to pumpkin empanadas, all their fall items will make you want to sit cozied up by the fire rewatching Gilmore Girls all season long. We’re sharing our favorite Trader Joe’s seasonal fall products below.

A few of Trader Joe’s new seasonal products.
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411: Brighten Your Photos with Lightroom Presets

by Karna Small

Be it for work or school you will find yourself repeatedly looking for a bright, colorful photo. But most photos are either a bit dark and flat or overexposed and slightly washed out. You need color and brightness. Adobe Lightroom presets will do the trick and save you lots of time.

Lightroom mobile presets are user friendly and instantly create consistency across your digital content. This post walks you through what a preset is, how to get one, and why they help your personal and/or professional brand’s public image.

COVID Guidelines You Need To Know

Want all COVID-19 guidelines from SMU, Dallas County, the State of Texas, and the CDC in one place? Look no further, and read on!

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