Just days ago we told you how the renowned CCPA faculty was spreading Two Truths and A Lie. Through diligent investigative reporting, we’ve uncovered what’s true and what’s not about your favorite professors. Did you get your answers right?!

Two Truths and A Lie

two truths and a lie

Sandra Duhé:
– Ran a neighborhood newspaper
– Worked with Rex Tillerson
– Been in the White House (lie)

Ben Voth:
– Has the same birthday as the state of Texas
– Loves to build giant snow bunnies
– Built a car by hand (lie)

Becky Hewitt:
– A gorgeous brunette
– A former college cheerleader and homecoming queen
– A Fulbright scholar (lie)

Cara Jacocks:
– Voted biggest comedian my senior year of high school
– Original major in college was veterinary sciences
– I played basketball in college (lie)

Chris Salinas:
– Once had sideline access to a Dallas Cowboy Thanksgiving game
– Was the lead singer of a rock band in high school
– Love to ride my motorcycle on the weekends (lie)

Steve Lee:
– Once sat backstage with Janis Joplin and Carlos Santana
– Was the press agent for Miss America
– In England, met and played with Eric Clapton (lie)

Now that you know a little bit more about your professors, go ask them about some of their stories! Like Professor Salinas, do you mind singing for us one day?! 

Have a great Spring Break.