On the fourth day of smiles, we decided to get into the Fat Tuesday spirit! So here to help you decide what you are going to gorge on tonight for your Fat Tuesday meal, our CCPA professors shared some of their guilty pleasure meals with us.

Faculty Fat Tuesday Favorite Foods

Sandra Duhé, is picking up a pint of her favorite flavor of Haagen-Daz, Java Chip!

Cara Jacocks, is eating at Joe T. Garcia’s tonight over in Fort Worth. When asked to pick a favorite meal, she told us the whole menu is her favorite. That’s what we like to hear!

Stephanie Martin, loves a good patty melt on dark rye bread, and absolutely no onions with a side of crispy tater tots.

Becky Hewitt, adores the red velvet flavored Nothing Bundt Cake. They have a bakery over in Preston Oaks Shopping Center, but if you don’t want to make the drive they have online orders too 🙂

Chris Salinas, is looking forward to enjoying a bacon cheeseburger from Maple & Motor this Fat Tuesday. Maple & Motor was crowned the best burger in Dallas, as well as Top 25 in the country!

Steve Lee cannot live without his El Fenix cheese enchiladas! You can find him there almost every Wednesday at 5:30pm!

El Fenix cheese enchiladas

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in other CCPA smiles news we are…


In order to celebrate the end of midterms and the start of spring break, we will be having a puppy party on the south porch of ULee! If you have a dog, bring it, if you don’t, come pet someone else’s dog. So puppy owners please bring your dogs! We look forward to seeing you there Thursday starting at 11am.