Corporate Communication and Public Affairs announces upcoming CCPA renovation at Umphrey Lee during Homecoming 2017 Alumni Reception

On November 3, CCPA Chair and Associate Professor Sandra Duhé welcomed back more than 60 of the 1,700+ graduates of the Division of Corporate Communication and Public Affairs (CCPA) to Umphrey Lee. The alumni mingled in the lobby alongside beloved faculty members, CCPA Advisory Board members, internship employers, and both current and former members of mustangconsulting to learn more about an upgraded curriculum and plans for a CCPA renovation to keep the department’s cutting edge program focused on the future of communication.

CCPA is planning an exciting $3 million facilities renovation in Umphrey Lee. Meadows Dean Sam Holland spoke on CCPA’s recent successes and announced Meadows’ contribution of $1 million toward the campaign. Meadows is seeking to raise the additional $2 million by year’s end to renovate CCPA facilities in time for Fall 2018 classes.

CCPA Renovation

CCPA renovation

Professor Rita Kirk spoke to the group about the need for a branded space that was exclusive to CCPA saying, “This is the one time in the 26 years that I have been here that we have a shot at facilities that match the caliber of students who study here. We’ve got to make this happen.”

The CCPA renovation is key to CCPA’s pursuit of educational excellence in a digital culture, including new opportunities for experiential learning and collaboration with external partners.

Included in the CCPA renovation is a state-of-the-art digital “war room,” a fully equipped boardroom, a student lounge and collaborative workspace, enhanced classroom and real-time political focus group space, and a professional office for mustangconsulting. These key features offer opportunities for interested alumni and donors to see their name on display at SMU.

CCPA renovationCCPA alumni expressed their joy at being back and shared their accomplishments since graduation with many owning their own agencies and holding senior positions in corporations. Jordan Fields, a consultant at NTT Data said, “SMU feels like home to me, I bounced around a lot and when I finally landed here, I found peace and I still feel that here.” Katie Hill-Mudd of TrizCom Public Relations was just named PRSA Dallas 2017 Member of the Year. Katherine Davis is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Communication at USC and spoke about feeling far more prepared than her peers for the rigorous courses, especially ones involving data and analytics.

It’s Time

The CCPA renovation is an important next step for CCPA students and alumni who are proud to belong to the SMU community. “We’re in the midst of the perfect storm,” said Duhé. “Our curriculum and faculty are outstanding. Our students are meeting increasingly higher standards of performance. And, now, it’s time to have the facilities to fully complement all we do.”

For more information on the CCPA renovation project, please contact:

Lisa Chou
Director of Development
Meadows School of the Arts
[email protected]

Lori Black
Major Gifts Officer
University Development
[email protected]