Dr. Kirk, SMU CCPA’s fabulous senior research professor, award-winning teacher, author, and experienced administrator has gone above and beyond once again! This time, Dr. Kirk discusses ethics in her article published by Inside Higher Ed.

Kirk discusses ethics for Inside Higher Ed
Dr. Rita Kirk publishes her article “Why Ethics Education Is Crucial” in Inside Higher Ed.

Dr. Rita Kirk

Our fabulous CCPA family member is the William F. May Endowed Director of the Maguire Center for Ethics & Public Responsibility as well as an Altshuler Distinguished Professor in Corporate Communication & Public Affairs at SMU.

Her article followed up on the book Ethics at the Heart of Higher Education, written and edited by C.R. Crespo and Dr. Rita Kirk herself.

In her Inside Higher Ed article, “Why Ethics Education Is Crucial,” Dr. Kirk describes the ethical dilemmas students are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. She comments on colleges and universities’ decisions to reopen despite the pandemic, what kinds of questions keep students up at night, decreasing levels of privacy due to contact tracing procedures, and even how all these things relate to politics.

You can always count on Dr. Kirk to connect the dots from one major issue to the next, and, somehow, politics and ethics are always interwoven with her discussion. As an SMU-in-London: Communication professor and Hilltop on the Hill program leader, this doesn’t exactly come as a surprise.

Our department is beyond lucky to have such an accomplished and insightful professional as part of its exceptional faculty. You’re bound to learn something fascinating about ethics whenever conversing with Dr. Kirk. In fact, you’re bound to learn a whole array of interesting information from Dr. Kirk! If you haven’t had the honor of taking one of her classes, you might want to consider it when enrolling for the Spring semester.

Inside Higher Ed

Founded in 2004, Inside Higher Ed is the leading source for the latest news, analysis, and services for the entire higher education community. Basically, it’s kind of a big deal seeing our very own Dr. Kirk in such an influential publication.

We congratulate Dr. Kirk for her recent publication by Inside Higher Ed. We will continue to watch as her success continues and support her, as we do all our CCPA family members.