Pass the popcorn, the show’s about to begin! Interested in a new take on movie night? Head on over to a drive-in movie for your theatre fix. Here are some of our recommendations for drive-in movie spots to try in Dallas. Trust us, once you’re at the drive-in, you’ll never want to drive out.

Sneak peak at Walmart pop-up drive-in theatre in Dallas, Texas
Pop-up drive-in at Walmart

The Walmart Drive-in

Family fun has never been this easy! Walmart introduces a pop-up event, bringing a drive-in movie experience to 160 stores around the country. Dallas movie-goers, Irving is our nearest location, so grab some gas and your favorite snack and make your way to the parking lot. Tickets are free, but sell out fast due to capacity limitations so be sure to secure yours ahead of time. This week’s showings include Wonder Woman, Spy Kids, The Wizard of Oz, Ghostbusters and Friday Night Lights. Whether you’re with family or simply in need of a childhood throwback, this is the place for you. Interested viewers can learn more about this drive-in movie spot by visiting

Advertisement for Fun Movie Grill drive-in spot in Dallas, Texas
Fun Movie Grill

Fun Movie Grill

Open seven nights each week, Fun Movie Grill welcomes customers to an 8:30 PM showing. Fun Movie Grill is located in Irving, Texas on Walton Boulevard and is a great drive-in movie spot to try. Tickets are available exclusively online for $20 and customers will be greeted upon arrival and guided to their designated parking spot. A concession stand with food and beverage selection is available as well as a restroom. This week’s showings include Khaali PeelI and Beetle Juice. This is a drive-in spot you’ll definitely want to try. Grab your seats soon by clicking

Backyard Cinema Night at Jasper's Uptown in Dallas, Texas
Backyard Cinema Night at Jasper’s

Jasper’s Uptown

Is it the weekend yet? Jasper’s Uptown presents Backyard Cinema Night every Thursday and Saturday evenings to celebrate the weekend. Movie-goers have the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy the show with fellow fans at Jasper’s in the comfort of this outdoor amphitheater. Tables are available and 40 tickets are sold each night which allows for a more intimate experience as well as guaranteed social distancing. By purchasing a ticket, viewers are offered a complimentary bag of popcorn as well as service during the show. Given that it is October, Backyard Cinema Night is excited to offer films celebrating Halloween. Future screenings include Hocus Pocus and Scream. The show starts at 7:15 PM, so make sure to arrive early in order to browse the food menus and get comfortable. Sound like your kind of weekend activity? Learn more about this drive-in movie destination by visiting

Galaxy Drive-in Theatre

What better way to enjoy a movie than under the stars? Located in Ennis, Texas, Galaxy should be top of your list for drive-in movie spots to try. About half an hour away from Dallas, this unique theatre offers a wide variety of films ranging from classics to new releases. Adults can purchase tickets for $8 while children’s tickets sell for half that price. Interested parties can acquire tickets at the box office prior to showtime. There are seven screens available, so pick the film that sounds most exciting and enjoy! Whether its Jurassic Park (1993) or Christopher Nolans’s, Tenet, Galaxy Drive-in is sure to meet all your cinema needs. Check out their latest showtimes, snack offerings and more at

Galaxy Drive-in movie spot in Dallas, Texas
Galaxy Drive-In
The Drive-in at Central at Rooftop Cinema Club in Dallas, Texas
Drive-In at Central

Rooftop Cinema Club

Welcome to the Drive-In at the Central! Rooftop Cinema Club is an absolute must for drive-in movie spots to try in Dallas. What sets this drive-in apart from the rest? Not only is the view of the Dallas skyline unlike any other, but Rooftop Cinema Club prides themselves in their hand-selected films which combine all genres including classics, cults, new releases and more. It is recommended that parties arrive early to their show so that they can enjoy the beautiful view whether that be golden hour, sunset or dusk. Wireless headphones are provided to attendees to maximize the quality of their experience and to prevent outside distraction. For those interested in sitting somewhere other than their own car, adjustable lounge chairs are available on request and come in various sizes based on your preference. This drive-in movie location is hoping to change the public’s view on a classic night at the cinema. Whose ready to join the movement? You can learn more by visiting

So, have we convinced you to give a drive-in movie a try? Share your feedback below!