Texas has started to open up retail and restaurants. Other states are seeing their small businesses open their doors again. Masks are becoming a trendy fashion statement. More people are recovering from COVID-19 every day. There is a lot of good that we should be focusing on. The more positive we remain, the higher our spirits will be as we head into the summer months. Read the last blog post of our “Good News” series to help you smile throughout the rest of your week.

Good News For Your Wednesday

good news, it's hump day
  • This little girl kicked cancer to the curb. Her neighbors threw her a surprise parade to celebrate.
  • Zoom is being used for more than just class lectures. This boy celebrates his adoption via zoom after court hearings were canceled due to the pandemic.
  • More than ONE MILLION people have recovered from COVID-19. That is a lot of people!
  • The cleaner air from people staying home in Europe has led to a claimed 11,000 fewer deaths due to air pollution. There has also been a significant drop in new asthma cases in children.
  • Scientists have officially mapped the entire surface of the moon. See the images here.
  • This tea company is TP-ing people’s homes, but not in the way you might think.
  • Best Grandpa Award goes to… this grandpa delivered donuts to his grandkids via drone during the quarantine.

To Find More Good News

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