We are continuing our mini-series of good news. This pandemic is scary, we know that. But when you feel weighed down by the grief and frustration, it is important to focus on the positive. Read about this week’s good news from across the world. These stories will remind you that even in the lowest lows, there is still a light that shines through. Use these stories as reminders that life goes on. Remember that you can finish the week on a positive note. So without further ado, let’s get smiling!

Good News For Your Wednesday

positive news, Swiss mountain displays American flag
  • This Swiss Village has been projecting world flags on one of their mountains to represent solidarity during this pandemic
  • Massachusetts hospitals are playing the iconic “Rocky” theme to empower recovered COVID-19 patients as they leave the hospital
  • This musician drove around town and performed songs for his neighbors from his truck bed
  • Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control’s dog cages were EMPTY for the first time in history thanks to all of the people adopting dogs during the quarantine
  • High school seniors are still getting to celebrate their graduations at home. These parents decorated their kids’ doors to celebrate them graduating high school.
  • Little Free Libraries have been repurposed to provide people with essentials during the quarantine
good news, library swaps books for essentials during the quarantine

To Find More Good News

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