Banneky is an online learning platform based out of Dallas, TX. Founded by Eric Molett in 2020, Banneky is the only virtual learning world that delivers a safe and empowering space for curious students to connect their passions to future careers, create and view uplifting content, and be celebrated for their individuality. What makes Banneky unique comes from the fact that it leans into students’ passions to make learning fun while helping users be connected to like-minded students in a safe manner. This ensures creativity in a way that has the same energy and imagery as the video games and social media they know and love. Bannecky is partnered with Microsoft, leading gamers, influencers, and YouTubers.


  • Familiar with gaming, entertainment, arts and content creation
  • Understands the teenage demographic currently
  • Do not have to be tech savy or have previous experience
  • Need social media expertise


  • Understand how to utilize paid ads
  • Guide and direct on best YouTube, Twitch and Discord guidelines


  • 15 hours/week

Option to work remotely, but can schedule meetings at the SMU Incubator space on a pre-scheduled basis

The internship is paid $15- 20 per hour


Erica Molett

Founder and CEO