Mary Kay Seeks Public Relations Intern for Spring

Describe the Internship:
Supports fully integrated public relations, marketing and advertising programs to positively elevate consumer awareness and perception of the Mary Kay brand, products, and independent sales force.

Day to day schedule will vary but could include the following:

-Write press releases and fact sheets
-Pitch products and the Mary Kay opportunity to local and national media
-Place product orders for events, and keep product closet organized and well-stocked
-Develop new relationships with influencers, makeup artists, and bloggers
-Help execute on-site experiences and coordinate details around events -Media-train salesforce and executives before press opportunities
-Assist with images, routing copy, and delivery of materials to advertising and PR agency partners

  1. Tell us the time period you would like the intern to work.
    Spring 2020 (generally February – April)

  2. How many hours per week is the intern expected to work?
    More than 15 hours.

  3. Can the intern work some or part of their time from home?
    No hours can be worked from home.

  4. Are you willing to complete the forms necessary to allow students to receive course credit for this internship?

  5. Is this internship paid?

  6. How much per hour will the intern be paid?

  7. Is it possible for this internship to result in a job offer for the student?

  8. Organization Info:
    Mary Kay Inc.
    16251 N. Dallas Parkway
    Addison, TX 75001

  9. Contact Info:
    Margaret Jones

    Betsy Rhodes