Job Opening for Digital Content Manager

A forward-thinking marketing and advertising agency like Commerce House knows the importance of strong editorial content and how it helps build a vibrant digital presence for brands. Reaching customers on social media is a growing practice, and being nimble, thinking differently and strong experimentation is needed. The digital content manager will be part of the team that navigates this new world.

  1. Describe Job
    THE DIGITAL CONTENT MANAGER is a member of the social media, digital content and content marketing team, with an emphasis on strategic social thinking and deep experience in emerging forms of marketing.

    The digital content manager will assist in and contribute to all digital content and social media efforts with the agency, in a variety of capacities. That includes high-level strategic thinking as well as day-to-day social media execution. The role will also require being able to react quickly to real-time social media execution, and manage multiple client work on a daily basis.

    For this particular role, consumer packaged goods and food/beverage experience is a plus, whether in-house or at an agency.

  2. Responsibilities:
    Developing content calendars and social media strategies for a variety of accounts across industries – CPG, food and beverage, retail, and more
    Organized management of multiple social media outlets for multiple clients
    Ability to adjust quickly to news and other events and create professional social media posting in real-time
    Creating compelling social media content, including on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram
    Strong content creation skills: writing, creating social media graphics, some quick-turn videos
    Social media analytics and metrics analysis and reporting, including Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights and third-party sites
    Coordination and communication with clients
    Teamwork and collaboration within the agency and the digital team
    Working independently on short- and long-term projects
    Brainstorm big-picture digital plans for new clients and new business pitches
    Knowledge of social media industry news and best practices
    Represents agency at industry and community functions

  3. The right person for Commerce House has …
    A positive attitude, a high level of enthusiasm, motivation and resilience, a sense of urgency to obtain results, an ability to maintain a positive attitude when under pressure, an ability to keep things in perspective, commitment to quality, proof all work for accuracy, a demand for excellence in all forms of communication, always looking after the smallest detail, creative, a reputation for innovative thinking, working with an entrepreneurial spirit.

  4. Qualifications:
    3-5 years in the industry or similar relevant experience, particularly involving work in the consumer packaged goods and/or food and beverage space
    Detail-oriented and strong organizational skills
    Knowledge of and comfort with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other emerging social media accounts
    Ability to multi-task
    Bachelor’s degree

  5. Organization Name
    Commerce House
  6. Website
  7. Street Address
    110 Leslie Street Suite 200, Dallas, TX, 75207
  8. Contact
    Steve Krakauer
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