Teach for America provides you with the opportunity to educate students for 2 years, along with access to world-class coaching and training, benefits, and a full salary. We are looking for leaders from all across campus, not just those expecting to become teachers. In 2016, less than 10 percent of members were education majors and less than 20 percent were planning to pursue a career in education. We are looking for exceptional allies that will continue to fight for educational equity in their various fields and sectors. Our network of leaders are shaping school systems nationally as we speak, and with your help, we can ensure that each child has access to an outstanding education.


  1. Tell us the time period you would like the intern to work.
    Start in Fall 2020.
  2. How much per hour will the intern be paid?
    Full Salary, but amount depends on where you are teaching
  3. Organization Info:

    Teach for America


  4. Application is due Friday, September 13th. Please contact Palmer Beldy for an application.
  5. Contact Information

    Palmer Beldy

    Teach for America Campus Ambassador

    Southern Methodist University Class of 2022