At 4:30 pm this Friday, 3/27 CCPA majors and minors are invited to the Virtual CCPA Check-In to hear the latest on what CCPA is doing and ask questions.

Dr. Sandra Duhé will host this gathering and many faculty will attend.  Bring your questions and type them into the chat at this Zoom gathering.

To join, please click here or visit

Virtual Meeting Etiquette

When you join this meeting your video will be on and your mic will be muted. Leave your video on the entire time, and stay muted, please.

Please unmute yourself and speak only if asked by the host.

Relay your questions or comments through the chat function. What is not answered in the CCPA Check-In will be handled later.

If asked a yes/no question (Is every one OK today?) respond with the thumbs up or thumbs down so the host gets a quick answer.

See you Friday at 4:30p.