The CCPA Department at SMU has two renowned study abroad opportunities in London, both led by CCPA faculty. Both programs are described in detail below.

You may apply to either of these Study Abroad programs on the SMU Study Abroad website.

SMU-in-London: Communication

This is a 5-week program, now in its 35th year. Led by Dr. Sandra Duhé, the program provides six hours of course credit and has earned a reputation as a favorite experience among students.

Available to communication majors and non-majors alike, SMU-in-London: Communication provides a rigorous course of study by professors who are experts in their fields. Designed to enrich the academic experience, multiple class lectures are at on-site locations.

Students have a common reading, Amazing Grace by Eric Metaxas. Throughout the program, professors organize and lead specific site visits that relate to course content. Learning sites include Cambridge University, the British Museum, and the British Film Institute. Often, students visit cultural and historic attractions, including the National Gallery, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London.

A trip to Scotland is included this year! They can also take an optional weekend bus tour through the Scottish countryside. Students will have two long weekends during the term that make it possible to visit the European mainland or explore areas of Britain. Such travels are outside of the planned program and at the discretion of the student, but with the approval of the Director.


Students enroll in two courses. For the first course, they can take either CCPA 4310: History and Philosophy of Free Speech or ADV 1321: Introduction to Creativity. For the second course, students can take either CCPA 3321 Communication in Global Context or JOUR 3345: The Mass Media in Great Britain.

Program Dates: May 23 – June 27, 2020
Students should fly to London on May 22, 2020, in order to arrive on time for the program start date, May 23. Students may return from London on June 27, 2020. 

The application is open from November 15th, 2019 through February 1st, 2020. The sooner you apply at the Study Abroad website, the sooner you can be accepted, secure funding, and finalize your summer plans.

Email to learn more about London! To ask questions in person, Dr. Duhé has an advising schedule posted outside the CCPA Office at ULee 229. Come sign up for a time that works for you.

SMU-in-London: Internship 

The internship program, led by Dr. Owen Lynch offers junior and senior students of CCPA, Journalism, Film and Media Arts, and Advertising the opportunity to work abroad in their field. Students participate in a 6-week internship organized through the Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Division of the Meadows School of the Arts. Students build professional skills, gain a global corporate perspective, and build future connections as they work in London. The course and program are open to non-Meadows students with the director’s permission. All students will receive six course credits in total: 3 hours from the course and 3 hours from the internship.

All internship students will participate in an internship orientation to prepare them for their interviews and discuss the cultural differences of working in the United Kingdom.

Examples of London Communication Internships are:

  • Sister Public Relations (fashion and retail PR) 
  • Raindance TV (independent film advertisement and PR) 
  • Diplomat Magazine (foreign affairs magazine)
  • Tulchan Communications (financial PR)
  • Blow Records (independent-label, music publisher, and club promoter)
  • The Commonwealth Lawyer Association (international law and human rights organization) 

Students will live in apartments with shared bedrooms during the program. A kitchen, bathroom, television, wireless Internet connection, and weekly cleaning service (plus all utilities and linens) are provided in the apartments.

The application is open from November 15th, 2019 through February 1st, 2020. Students interested in Dr. Lynch’s London Internship Program can apply through the SMU Study Abroad website and email him at with any questions.