We spam your emails with amazingly fun and useful blogs, share internship opportunities with you, run social media campaigns that hopefully make you laugh, and manage social platforms that bring our CCPA students, faculty, and alumni together. We love highlighting stories about our CCPA community, but today we are going to take you behind the blog and introduce you to our team. Yes, including our furry friend, Bear. 

CCPA Communication Team: Karna Small, Gwen Wright, Kate Adams (Left to Right)
Not Pictured: Steve Lee

Meet the CCPA Fellows

Kate Adams

Kate is a CCPA senior pursuing degrees in Corportate Communications and Public Affairs, Public Relations and Strategic Communication, and Spanish. She has been a CCPA Fellow since January, and will continue until her graduation in May. When asked about her favorite part of being a CCPA Fellow, Kate said “I love writing and being involved in CCPA. I’ve enjoyed getting to know my professors outside of the classroom, learning about their experiences and stories, and gaining a deeper understanding of the benefits of CCPA. It’s fun hearing about all of the exciting plans CCPA has in store and having a role in shaping and sharing those ideas.”  

Karna Small

Karna is also a senior majoring in Public Relations and Strategic Communication. Outside of class, she runs her own blog and has brought her expertise to our CCPA Communication team. Karna just started as a CCPA Fellow over the summer, and has expressed her excitement about CCPA and the coming year. “I was looking for a major that would teach me more than a textbook could. My professors saw a spark in me and made me see my own potential. Once I committed to CCPA, my professors led me to opportunities that I didn’t know were possible as a college student. When I saw students blogging for CCPA, I immediately wanted to be a part of the fun. As a CCPA Fellow, I look forward to helping other students network and find opportunities like I found through CCPA.”

Meet Gwen Wright

Bear, Gwen’s dog!

Gwen is a marketing and communications professional who specializes in creating strategic high-impact programs that draw on social media, digital marketing, public relations, event marketing, and analytics. Gwen’s background includes corporate and agency experience in various industries including travel and tourism, real estate development and homebuilding, technology, professional services, and association management.  Most importantly for us, she works as our Digital Communications Advisor assisting with all of our communications endeavors. CCPA students who take Steve Lee’s Intro and Advanced Digital Communication classes have been lucky enough to meet Gwen, and her famous Great Pyrenees, Ted E Bear.  She remarks, “As the Digital Communications Advisor,  I love engaging with the students and watching them grow and become the superstars they are, not just with class assignments but in their job search and in life.”

Honorable Mention…

Steve Lee prefers to “be invisible” so he can elevate those around him. Despite his wishes, we couldn’t have written a blog about the CCPA Communication team without giving him kudos. Thanks for all that you do!