SMU CCPA Chair, Dr. Sandra Duhé

Greetings, CCPA!

Welcome back from an odd, but I hope enjoyable, summer. Hard to believe it’s been five months since we were last together in person.

It’s time for us to get back to college life. We’ll be glad we did once we get rolling. If you’re hesitant about making the shift back to campus or classes, you’re not alone. Believe me.

If we return expecting things to be “back to normal,” we’re going to be frustrated. Things are going to be (really) different this semester. The best-laid plans still have uncertainties. We won’t know how things will go until, well, we start going.

Our Mindset

Dr. Sandra Duhe

What we can control is our mindset. Expect to need a little more patience with yourself and others. Know you can still connect with others, but just not like we could before. And, rest assured your faculty are ready to teach in person, online, or in whatever other venue comes our way. Our hearts and minds are never distanced from you.

Some changes include:

  • Most office hours and advising appointments online, including Mrs. Hewitt’s. Email any of us for scheduling details.
  • Welcome Dr. Pui Kelly! You will adore (and work hard for) our newest faculty member in Organizational Communication.
  • Dr. LaShonda Eaddy is on a research sabbatical this fall. Keep her in your thoughts as she writes away!
  • Dr. Owen Lynch has returned from his research sabbatical. Just when you thought you were safe, ha.
  • Dr. Ben Voth has returned from his research sabbatical and is moving his courses and the debate program to a new University-wide platform in Dedman College. We look forward to his continued success.

Here we go, friends! Let us hear from you, and we will see you soon.

Dr. Duhé