Oops! I wasn't muted!

Virtual classes on zoom take some getting used to, that’s for sure. Now that we’re in our third week of the semester, we’re probably getting more comfortable with Zoom classes. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes. Many of us have forgotten to mute ourselves a few times before embarrassingly talking to our pets in a baby voice, screamed to your roommate across the room, or made awkward faces with your camera on.

Uh Oh

Since we’re all in this together, how about we laugh at our mistakes together and share funny, or even embarrassing, anecdotes from Zoom classes? Have you accidentally said something inappropriate during class and your classmates or professors tell the class to be sure to mute themselves? Have you done something weird while your camera was still on? We’re only human.

Feel like sharing a funny story from a Zoom class?

Feel Like Sharing?

If you feel like anonymously sharing silly anecdotes or one-liners from Zoom classes, fill out this quick and simple Google form. We will share everyone’s responses in a later blog post, so stay tuned! You will remain anonymous. I wasn’t mutedLaughs to come.

Tell us what happened, what was said or done, and how people reacted. We could all use a laugh this week!