Looking to add another class to your spring schedule? One that you can petition to count for your CCPA diversity/intercultural requirement? Here’s the Pandemics course.

Pandemics! The Science of Disease Spread, Prevention, and Control (ANTH/APSM/MNO 4344). Students from all academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Pandemics Course Flyer


This new undergraduate Pandemics course is geared toward giving students a basic understanding of epidemiology and developing their ab ility to read and evaluate public health research. Because epidemiology is a deeply interdisciplinary field, the course will approach the topic from several unique angles: science, economics, business, logistics, sociology, psychology, public relations, leadership development, verbal advocacy, and more. To learn more, visit https://blog.smu.edu/leadershipimpact/2020/10/27/applications-for-pandemics-course-at-smu-now-open/.

Since the course is relevant to so many fields, highly engaged students who are not formally studying public health or proximate subjects, but who would bring a unique perspective and who could gain additional perspective by participating in the course are highly encouraged to apply. Interested students can view the course application at https://smu.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3dwqG55oLjCmLpr.

Also, students can petition for this course to count for their CCPA diversity/intercultural requirement. It’s a win-win for everyone!

So, who’s ready to dive into the upcoming semester with a brand new and relevant course? Share your feedback below!