Calling All Dog and Cat Lovers

You left your pets back in your hometown in order to attend SMU. Despite your family’s visits to Dallas, you are still left missing the family member you love most: your furry friend back home. We are sorry to say that we cannot send Fido, Bear, or Princess on a plane to visit you. However, we can point you in the direction of furry friends here in Dallas until your next visit home.

Where to Find Pets on SMU’s Campus

pet lovers
  • Almost every residential commons at SMU has a faculty in residence with a pet. Dr. Ann Batenburg has two adorable dogs in Virginia-Snider that she encourages students to take on walks around campus. Dr. Duhé has a cat in Cockrell-McIntosh that is always curious enough to say hi. If you are stressed before a test, missing home, or just want some love from a furry friend, check your own dorm building before going anywhere else.
  • Sit on Dallas Hall Lawn and wait for the dogs to run by. Especially when the sun is out, dog owners from all around Highland Park will walk their dogs across the Boulevard and play fetch with their dogs near the fountain. Many dog owners will let you pet their dog, take pictures of their dog and even play fetch with the dog.
  • During finals and midterms, various student organizations will have therapy dogs for SMU students. Check the organizations’ Instagram pages for announcements about this during finals week.
  • Have you seen the huge, white, fluffy CCPA mascot around campus? Bear is on campus periodically and will always let you give him a tummy rub. Find him in the Lawyer’s Inn most Wednesdays during lunchtime and in the Umphrey Lee hallway around 1:45 on Wednesdays.

Where to Find Pets in Dallas

pet lovers
  • What better place to find some puppy love than a dog park? There are dog parks all around Dallas that are a beautiful sight for dog lovers. Get some fresh air and pet some dogs in one of the happiest locations on Earth. The closest parks to campus include Bark Park Central, Mutts Canine Cantina, Griggs Park, and White Rock Lake Dog Park.
  • Katy Trail Ice House might be a bar for humans but it is always swarming with dogs who are looking to get petted. This is a great place to socialize and hang out with humans and pups alike.
  • Looking for a place to volunteer with some grateful pets who will love on you all day long? Dog and Kitty City is your place to go. This shelter welcomes volunteers with open arms.
  • Offer to house-sit or pet-sit for friends who are going out of town.
  • Get paid to play with dogs through Wag! This is a dog walking service that pays you to walk people’s dogs.

When You Really Miss Your Puppy/Kitty Back Home

If you aren’t visiting home for a while, we highly recommend trying out the places mentioned above. However, if you are still missing your own pet, ask your parents to Facetime you while they are playing with your pet. We live in a world of technology that lets us see loved ones in real-time, (almost) as if we are actually there with them. You can also create a digital photo album on your phone or computer with pictures of your pet, so you can look at their pictures every now and then.