Spring break was fun. We’ve been back a while and it’s still hard to focus and get motivated. Now what? Time for post-spring break motivation!

studying hard

Getting back in the swing of school after a whole week of relaxation is tough. Here are some tips on how to finish the semester strong – summer will be here before you know it!

Get creative with your study spots

Spring weather is finally here! Take your work to lawns, porches, coffee shops, and other nice spots outside of the library.  Find a space where you can be alone and crank out assignments without burning yourself out. Getting off campus is sometimes all it takes to refresh your brain and refocus.

Make a daily “To-Do List” 

Each morning, make a list of all you want to accomplish that day.  Seeing everything in one place will give you a sense of calm because you won’t have to worry about forgetting something. There isn’t a more gratifying feeling than checking a task off the list. Remember to be realistic about your time so you set yourself up for success! 

And give yourself incentives for finishing it…

As you’re making your daily list, choose a reward for completing it such as watching a fun movie, going to a nice dinner with friends, reading a favorite book, or calling a friend. Start making exciting summer plans so you can start looking forward to them! Whatever your incentive may be, pick something you really enjoy so you’ll be inspired to finish your list as efficiently as possible without compromising the quality of your work. Setting aside time for yourself will make the time you spend studying more productive. We all deserve and need a break. 

Put your phone away

Keeping your phone in your backpack or in a different room while you study will keep you focused. If we check our phones every time we see a Snapchat or text pop up or resort to Instagram whenever we get stuck, we will never accomplish anything in a reasonable amount of time. Let your phone be part of your incentives and breaks! Set a time limit and allow yourself to check your phone for five minutes for every 45 minutes of work. Find a balance that works for you.

Avoid checking social media and texts on your computer, too. Don’t be afraid to use do not disturb!

Use a calendar to keep you on track

Print yourself a calendar for the rest of the semester to write in due dates and fun events. Have you realized that there are only seven weeks of class left? Crazy. Check off each day as we go and we’ll be finishing this school year in no time. 

Do some spring cleaning 

Finally, on your post-spring break motivation list, get yourself organized in all areas of your life. Clean out your closet, desk, and pictures on your phone. Get your computer in line – delete the 27 tabs you have open and clear off your desktop. This will leave you feeling accomplished and ready to take on whatever the remaining weeks of the semester have in store for you.

We’re more than halfway there. Follow these tips and you’ll regain that motivation in no time. Keep up the great work! Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy every minute, even the stressful ones. Time is flying and one more of our eight college semesters is almost coming to an end.