Duck Face, Fish Gape and Pouts

By Chris Chiames
Chief Communication Officer, Carnival Cruise Line
Member CCPA Advisory Board

In preparing for a recent college lecture, I wanted to advise students who hoped to work in communications to carefully mind their personal brand (the advice applies to all of us, but communicators should be setting the pace on this subject).

Selfies, In or Out?

The Duck Face is Out

In doing a little online research, I learned that the obnoxious duck face selfie is out, replaced by the fish gape look for females. For guys, there is lots of online advice on how to take a selfie that involves showing off your abs or giving the male pout.

If you’re 20 or more years of age, hope to work in the communications field, and are still posting these silly selfies, I’ve got one word of advice: STOP.

Think of Your Brand

First, you’re not doing anything unique. You’re just doing what everyone else is doing. So how does that help establish your brand? More importantly, you’re demonstrating that you’ve been taken captive by the narcissism of social media.

Don’t get me wrong, social media has democratized the flow of information in many positive ways. And for communicators, it has given us all tremendous access.

“Back in the Day”

“Back in the day,” many of us had to earn our writing samples and build a portfolio the hard way: actually getting an outlet to publish our material. Young professionals and college students now can self-publish through well-written blogs and social commentary. So use this amazing platform to build your personal brand, hone your writing and digital skills, and provide a positive, constructive voice.

So whether you’re 18 or 80, leave the duck faces, fish gapes and pouts to the others who don’t have anything to say.