Siblings at SMU

Siblings want what is best for one another. We might get a little jealous when we see them succeeding at something we weren’t as gifted at, but at the end of the day, we want to help them in any way we can. Most students attempt to flee the nest and become their own person in college. However, this “nest” we call SMU tends to attract a lot of siblings. Older siblings love to recommend SMU and CCPA to their younger siblings. There are older siblings, younger siblings and even twins that walk these halls. SMU even has grandparents, parents, and kids that generations have walked its halls. CCPA is no different. You know the phrase “birds of a feather flock together?” Meet a few of the siblings of CCPA.

Siblings within CCPA

Kate and Haley Adams

Kate is a current senior in CCPA, majoring in Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Public Relations and Strategic Communication, and Spanish. Haley is just starting her freshman year at SMU and is planning to pursue a double major Public Relations and Strategic Communication and Fashion Media. Both sisters are passionate about creative writing. Kate is excited to share her amazing CCPA experience with Haley and help her navigate all that the division has to offer. Her biggest piece of advice to Haley so far has been to build meaningful relationships with the CCPA professors. They have so much knowledge and are amazing people to get to know outside of the classroom. Kate and Haley have loved seeing each other around campus, even if it’s only for a year.

Catherine and Caroline Davis

Catherine is currently the Development Officer at Voyageur Outward Bound School. Caroline graduated in 2019 and is an intern at SAP.

Ashley and DeAngelo Garner

Ashley and DeAngelo graduated with communications degrees. DeAngelo says that “Between the two of us, the Garner siblings have earned 7 degrees, 2 M-Awards, and several leadership positions across campus as ambassadors, orientation leaders, and community directors. Much of this involvement was heavily influenced by our experience in the CCPA program.

As the younger sibling, I had the opportunity to observe my sister’s journey through the program and how she found much value in the communication strategies and course work learned in the classroom. Early in my college application process, she would tell me about the connections she was making with the program’s faculty and how it was those relationships that added so much meaning to her university experience.

I followed in a similar path and some of the most impactful moments of undergrad were from the engagement with the amazing faculty of CCPA. The constant encouragement and support I felt from my professors built my confidence and passion in pursuing positions of leadership. The critical thinking skills they taught in class equipped me to be comfortable in leadership roles. Years later, these relationships and lessons are ones my sister and I still value and maintain.”

Brittany and Tinsley Merrill

Brittany is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Akola Jewelry. Tinsley is the Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of PAIRR.

Siblings of CCPA at SMU

Karna and Kelley Small

Karna is a current senior in CCPA, majoring in Public Relations and Strategic Communications. She encouraged her sophomore sister, Kelley, to add a CCPA major to her Fashion Media major. Both siblings are members of PRSSA and love seeing each other in the halls. “I always love walking out of a class and seeing Kelley in the hall. It’s an immediate taste of home. And knowing that we get to share this experience is something I’ll always be thankful for,” says Karna. Their dad, Geoffrey Small was class of ’86 and Kelley’s twin, Lauren Small, is a psychology major at SMU.

Do you know another sibling set that has walked the halls of CCPA? Or other schools within SMU? Comment below and let us know!