Application for the SMU-in-London Summer 2019 program will open Wednesday 11/14/18.
The program runs from May 25 – June 29, 2019.


Things you should know:
  1. All prerequisites for these courses are waived. That means you are free to take any of them!
  2. We finish during the first summer term. That means you still have Summer II for other courses, an internship, or just taking a vacation.  
  3. You will complete 6 hours of coursework (one from each period as listed below).
  4. In addition to credit in your major, each of the courses fulfills requirements for the UC.**  That will permit you to have more electives down the line! And, as a bonus, this counts toward your Global Engagement proficiency.
  5. Scholarship money is available based on need. Money is awarded quickly so you will know if you can make it on the support offered. Plus, Dr. Kirk is willing to work with you to make sure you can afford to go but you must act quickly as it takes time to put together a financial plan. We’ve never had anyone who really worked at it not be able to go due to financial reasons. Contact her at 
  6. Did we mention that the course is in LONDON!


First Period Courses:

CCPA 4310: History and Philosophy of Free Speech (3 credits)

Fulfills Pillars/Philosophical and Religious Inquiry and Ethics Level 2 and Historical Context Level 2 (UC 2012); Depth/Humanities and Fine Arts, History, Social and Behavioral Sciences (UC 2016)
Instructor: Rita Kirk
Course description: Examines the philosophical debates on the existence, extent, and effect of free speech on society, including the rights of the individual versus the rights of the collective body politic.

ADV 1321: Introduction to Creativity (3 credits)

Fulfills Pillars/Creativity & Aesthetics Level 1 (UC 2012); Breadth/Creativity and Aesthetics (UC 2016)
Instructor: Willie Baronet
Course Description: Welcome to ADV 1321. As you probably know, creativity is an essential part of the advertising business. We’ll spend this semester exploring the creative process as well as tools and theories related to creativity. As fun as it can be, you’ll discover that the creative process (in any discipline) is also serious business. At various times it can be hard work, fun, frustrating, exhilarating, frightening. But here’s the good news: Most creative professionals will tell you it’s all worth it. Is a job in creative advertising for you? Use this class to help answer that question. The class will consist of lectures/presentations, readings from the textbook (and possibly others), creative projects, exams, guest speakers, your own creativity blog. Punctuality is important, in this class and in the advertising business. Meeting deadlines comes with the territory. Hopefully, you will have some fun as you test the boundaries of your own creative aptitude. And you will be challenged to think and create in new ways. My hope is that creativity will become a more integrated part of your life, and that you will seek and embody more curiosity, spontaneity, inventiveness and adventure as you pursue your professional path, whatever that may be.

Second Period Courses:

CCPA 3321: Communication in Global Context  (3 credits)

Fulfills Proficiencies & Experiences/Global Engagement (UC 2012 and 2016); Pillars/Individuals, Institutions, and Culture Level 1 (UC 2012); Depth/History, Social, & Behavioral Sciences (UC 2016)
Instructor: Sandy Duhe
Course Description: Provides an international perspective to the study and practice of corporate communication and public affairs, including the challenges and influence of social/cultural, economic, and political forces. Prerequisites: C or better in CCPA 2308 (or CCPA 3360 or DISC 1313 topic: introduction to news writing), CCPA 2310 (or CCPA 3300), CCPA 2327, and CCPA 2375; enrollment in the B.A. in corporate communication and public affairs, or B.A. in public relations and strategic communication, or minor in corporate communication and public affairs program.

JOUR 3345: The Mass Media in Great Britain (3 credits)

Fulfills Proficiencies & Experiences/Global Engagement (UC 2012 and 2016); Pillars/Individuals, Institutions, and Culture Level 1 (UC 2012); Depth/History, Social, & Behavioral Sciences (UC 2016)
Instructor: Tony Pederson
Course description: Explores the interaction between power, politics, and mass media in Great Britain; the history of the media in Great Britain; the health (or lack thereof) of mass media today and its impact on politics and popular culture; and how journalists report the news abroad and in the United States. Daily assignments include the examination of newspapers and broadcast and Internet news available in the U.K. Students write papers based on visits to sites such as the British Library and the Imperial War Museum. British journalists, scholars, and foreign correspondents Journalism 523 present guest lectures. Final class projects that include papers and class presentations involve group studies in specialized areas of British media.
See you in London!!!