spring break plans: teachers edition

Attention students! Has it ever occurred to you that while you are off on a beach somewhere, your professors are on break as well? We got to thinking, “what are our professors doing during Spring Break?” So, we asked them and are sharing their Spring Break plans below.

Your Professors’ Spring Break Plans

Professor Salinas plans to “keep it low key by visiting family and the Johnson Space Center.”

Dr. Duhé’s Spring Break plans include “packing up the kids and headed to Louisiana.” She looks forward to letting her mom take care of her because “some things thankfully never change!”

Professor Eaddy will be spending time with family in Dallas since her kids don’t have the same Spring Break. She looks forward to catching up on work and spending time with her kiddos. “Adulting at its finest!”

Professor Lee’s Spring Break plans include “WORK!” He will be “reading, writing, grading, preparing a business presentation, and learning one new thing in the digital world.”

Dr. Kirk is headed to Fort Lauderdale to “visit some friends and soak up the sun.” She looks forward to “finding a nook to read a couple of books and, of course, the chance to dine out in new places.”

Professor Commerato’s Spring Break plans include “being a mom” while her kids are still in school. Then she will be “camping at Big Bend National Park for one weekend!”

Enjoy Your Break

We wish everyone a happy, healthy, and safe Spring Break! Comment below and share with us how you are spending your break.