Drive-in Movie Spots in Dallas

Pass the popcorn, the show’s about to begin! Interested in a new take on movie night? Head on over to a drive-in movie for your theatre fix. Here are some of our recommendations for drive-in movie spots to try in Dallas. Trust us, once you’re at the drive-in, you’ll never want to drive out.

Sneak peak at Walmart pop-up drive-in theatre in Dallas, Texas
Pop-up drive-in at Walmart
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Dallas Brunch Escapes

Brunch anyone? I think we can all agree, quarantine has us feeling a bit trapped. In other words, get me out of this house! If you’re ready to escape the four walls of your home and grab a bite to eat, here are the top Dallas brunch spots that are sure to meet all your desperate needs. Who’s hungry?

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Internships: The Dallas Observer Seeks Intern for Food and Drink Section

The Dallas Observer seeks to hire an intern to work for its food and drink section, covering Dallas’ restaurant industry. This is a paid and remote position.

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