Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring

Holiday and spring greetings to our CCPA family!

The resiliency of our students, staff, and faculty continues to amaze me. We are seeing our way through the era of COVID-19. We are bound by our shared interest in communicating for the greater good. We’re also bound in how we care for each other. That’s one of the many things that makes CCPA special.

This is a season of grace, on many levels. Practice grace with yourselves. Be ok with moving at a slower pace than you normally do. Practice grace with others. Find ways to help, support, and encourage.

We will get through this, and, when we do, communicators will be in high

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Have a Blessed Easter

Just as the beautiful flowers of Dallas spring into bloom we celebrate the holiest of times for Christians. Easter.

Our fervent wish is that you have a wonderful and joyous Easter holiday.

The high altar of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris France

If you’re traveling, be very safe.

If you’re going to be with family, enjoy and remember to thank them for the opportunity you have at this incredible institution that is SMU.

If you’re staying here with friends, look at each one and count your many blessings.

Easter is a time for remembering the sacrifices made for each of us and giving thanks for all we have.

Enjoy your holiday and return with renewed

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